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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Yes Mr Johnson agencies really do make progress

"Last week the Office of Management and Budget's scorecards on agency cybersecurity came out. Uh-oh: Lots of lousy scores. Clearly, the tenets of the Federal Information Security Management Act haven't exactly caught fire in every department. (Read about the scores.)

But what about the President's Management Agenda, the other scorecard-producing effort that has been the bane of many an agency's existence? Under the PMA, 30 agencies and departments get rated periodically under several factors - human capital, competitive sourcing, financial performance, e-government and budget-performance integration.

Austin Russ of Robbins-Gioia LLC of Alexandria, Va., compiled and charted the quarterly PMA scores going back to the baseline of 2001, when OMB initiated the whole thing. The summary charts, shown below, show - ta da! - progress in the number of agencies achieving green, or good, scores. The company also put together the score histories for each of the 30 measured agencies. Looking deeper you'd see that progress has been scattered and more uneven than the aggregate results show.

To view can see the full report here. "

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