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Thursday, February 02, 2006

White House: Wasteful Overpayments Cut

"WASHINGTON (AP) - The White House budget office is giving the government higher marks for reducing improper benefit payments for programs such as Medicare, food stamps and unemployment insurance, cutting such overpayments by $7.8 billion from 2004 levels.

The OMB report highlights the less-publicized "management" side of the budget office's portfolio. President Bush has an ongoing management agenda that grades Cabinet departments on their performances in areas such as financial practices, implementing electronic government plans and competitive sourcing.

'Federal employees are improving the way their agencies work,' said OMB Deputy Director for Management Clay Johnson. 'They are clearly defining what their management practices should be, and the benefits that should result from these new practices, and then being held accountable for achieving them. With clarity and transparency, you can get accountability; and with accountability, you get results.'"

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