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Friday, February 22, 2013

OMB to test agency readiness to move to financial shared services

Agencies will have to take a test to measure just how ready they are to move their financial management system to a federal shared-service provider.

The Treasury Department's Office of Financial Innovation and Transformation (OFIT) and OMB will run the tests, which are specifically designed for large agencies, that over the past nine years have been reluctant to use these common services.

"What the test will do is we'll say, ‘What are the business requirements you have established for your financial system?' We will compare and contrast them to the requirements of a standard, common, generic shared-service provider. And the closer your requirements are to that generic shared-service provider, the higher score you will get on the test and the more amenable OMB is going to be to propose funding and approve such a system in the President's budget," said Danny Werfel, OMB's controller, in an exclusive interview with Federal News Radio. "The further you are away, the more bells and whistles, the more integrated requirements you are seeking out that makes you very different from a shared service provider footprint, the lower your score will be on the test and the more difficulty you will have in getting support from OMB for that solution."

He said the message agencies need to understand is OMB's goal is to have them use simple, non-unique and generic systems for their basic general ledger accounting system.

Werfel said OMB is developing a governmentwide policy that should be out in the next few weeks to formalize how this new process will work. OFIT will develop and initiated the test of agency business requirements.

-Jason Miller, FederalNewsRadio.com

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