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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

GAO: Overlapping government programs cost billions

The federal government is doing a poor job of coordinating its responsibilities in dozens of areas, including food safety, breast cancer research, assistance to small business owners and home buyers and background investigations for federal job applicants — a disorganization that could be costing taxpayers tens of billions of dollars annually, according to a new report (GAO-12-342SP).

The 428-page study by the Government Accountability Office details several significant cases of duplication, overlap or lack of coordination between agencies and programs.

Since last year’s report, the GAO said the Obama administration has addressed 110 of the 145 actions it proposed could be taken by the White House and federal agencies. Congress has addressed 12 of the 31 steps it proposed lawmakers could take, GAO said.

-Ed O'Keefe, WashingtonPost.com

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