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Friday, January 28, 2011

GAO plumps for more DCMO role definition

Financial management improvement at the Defense Department--a long standing goal--requires the involvement of senior Pentagon officials with authority enough to address issues that cut across military services, says the Government Accountability Office in a new report.

The report, dated Jan. 26, says that the department has indeed taken steps to involve the deputy chief management officer and military chief management officers (who are all also service under secretaries) by placing them on the governance board of the Financial Improvement Audit Readiness Directorate. But, the Pentagon has yet to define their specific roles and when they are expected to become involved in problem resolution, the report adds.

The report also suggests that for a goal of Defense Secretary Robert Gates' efficiency drive, namely an initiative to reduce bureaucracy and instill a culture of cost-consciousness and restraint, to become institutionalized over the long term, the DCMO and the DoD CMO (the under secretary) will need specific roles.

-David Perera, FierceGovernmentIT.com

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