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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Federal financial management system projects that have been frozen

The Office of Management and Budget made good on its promise to halt new spending on some federal agencies' financial management systems, last week releasing a list of 20 projects that cannot move forward until new plans are approved.

The programs span the agencies -- and more are likely to follow. In a statement, OMB said it expects about 30 financial system projects to be reviewed, but some systems are still being reviewed to see if they qualify.

OMB Director Peter Orszag called for the freeze on new task orders and procurements for selected systems' development or modernization, citing the typical sluggishness and high cost of the projects. To move forward, agencies must prepare plans that divide the projects into short-term tasks and include active monitoring of their progress.

Below is a list of the 20 projects, the total value of the contracts awarded thus far and the top identified contractor -- by contract value -- working on each one, according to the government's database.

-- Financial Management Modernization Initiative [FMMI]: $118.7 million - Accenture ($96 million)
Modernizes the Agriculture Department's outdated financial system technology.

-- Commerce Business Systems[CBS]: $48.6 million - MIL Corp. ($15.6 million)
An integrated financial management system that has been implemented in 12 of the 14 Commerce Department bureaus.
[DOC modernization remains in the planning stages]

-- Financial Management Support System: $68.6 million -- no contractor identified
The financial management system for the Education Department.

-- CF iManage: $174.4 million -- IBM ($132.2 million)
Used by the Energy Department to improve financial and business efficiencies and integrate budget with performance.

-- Financial Replacement System: $109.8 million - CGI Federal ($83.1 million)
Modernizes the Environmental Protection Agency's financial systems to integrate systems.
[Financial System Replacement Project FSMP]

-- NIH Business System: $128.9 million - IAE Solutions ($20 million)
Standardizes financial data for the Department of Health and Human Services' National Institutes of Health.

-- Healthcare Integrated General Ledger Accounting System: not available - EDS (now HP Enterprise Services) ($4.7 million)
Allows the Department of Health and Human Services' Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services to account for payments.
[IBM is the incumbent contractor]

-- Transformation and System Consolidation: Information not available.
[TASC - Proposals submitted, award pending]

-- Integrated Financial Management Improvement Project: Information not available.

-- Financial and Business Management System: $165.3 million - IBM ($116 million)
Integrates financial management, acquisition, property management, travel and more for the Interior Department.

-- Unified Financial Management System: $174.3 million - IBM ($150 million)
Brings together existing and future financial management and procurement operations across the Justice Department.

-- New Core Financial Management System: $63 million - GCE ($50.6 million)
Reduces duplicate processes and provides real-time transactions for the Labor Department.

-- Joint Financial Management System: $267.8 million - Haynes Inc. ($199.5 million)
A financial system collaboration between the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development.
[CGI recently awarded 10 yr, $400M consolidation and O&M contract]

-- Delphi - $153.3 million - no contractor identified
The Transportation Department's financial management and accounting system.
[Tantus-Onpoint, SRA]

-- Integrated Financial System/CORE Financial System: $24.4 million - CSC ($24.4 million)
Used by the Treasury Department's Internal Revenue Service for budget, payroll and all financial reporting, among other tasks.

-- Oracle e-Business Suite: $102.4 million - immixTechnology ($100.5 million)
Handles accounting, budgeting and reporting for the Treasury Department's Bureau of the Public Debt.

-- Financial and Logistics Integrated Technology Enterprise: $98.7 million -- no contractor identified
An initiative to replace existing financial and asset management systems with integrated systems at the Department of Veterans Affairs.
[FLITE - rumored to be cancelled]

-- Financial Accounting System: not available - Booz Allen Hamilton ($122.2 million)
Used by the National Science Foundation to monitor and execute about 20,000 active awards to more than 1,500 awardees.

-- Consolidated Business Information System: $97.4 million - Accenture ($79.9 million)
A new financial management system for the Office of Personnel Management.

-- Oracle Administrative Accounting: $22.5 million - SRA International ($22.1 million)
Serves as the system of record for the funding and expenditure of the Small Business Administration's dollars.

-Marjorie Censer, washingtonpost.com

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