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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Recent GAO Publications

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently released the following publications:

Internal Revenue Service: Review of the Fiscal Year 2010 Budget Request.
GAO-09-754, June 3
Highlights - http://www.gao.gov/highlights/d09754high.pdf

Indian Health Service: Millions of Dollars in Property and Equipment Continue to Be Lost or Stolen.
GAO-09-450, June 2.
Highlights - http://www.gao.gov/highlights/d09450high.pdf

Information Technology: FDA Needs to Establish Key Plans and Processes for Guiding Systems Modernization Efforts.
GAO-09-523, June 2.
Highlights - http://www.gao.gov/highlights/d09523high.pdf

Financial Audit: Senate Restaurants Revolving Fund for Fiscal Years 2008 and 2007.
GAO-09-409, May 29.

Financial Audit: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Funds' 2008 and 2007 Financial Statements.
GAO-09-535, May 28
Highlights - http://www.gao.gov/highlights/d09535high.pdf

Financial Management: DOD Needs to Clarify Its General Gift Fund Policies to Provide for Effective Oversight.
GAO-09-486R, May 27.

Appropriations Decisions:

B-317891, Natural Resources Conservation Service--Use of
Appropriated Funds for Contest Entry Fees, May 26, 2009

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) may use
appropriated funds to reimburse an employee for fees paid by the
employee to enter agency-produced public outreach products in a
marketing and communications awards contest if NRCS makes an
administrative determination that participation in the contest
benefits its mission and any award would be to NRCS.

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