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Monday, February 16, 2009

FederalNewsRadio - AGA - Your Money, Your Government

Intergovernmental Cooperation

Martin J. Benison - CGFM, Comptroller, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

David R. Bennett - CGFM, CPA, Director of Accounts and Budgets, Assistant County Mayor, Blount County, TN

Thomas N. Cooley - Chief Financial Officer, National Science Foundation

Jeanette Franzel - CGFM, CPA, Director, Financial Management and Assurance, Government Accountability Office

Intergovernmental revenue flows involve hundreds of billions of dollars per year. The finances of state, local and federal government are inextricably linked.

The financial challenges faced by the federal government have received increased scrutiny since the economy imploded in mid September. Challenges faced by state and local governments are also increasingly in the spotlight. With most states five months into their 2009 fiscal years, 18 states have already cut budgets. Sales tax revenues - the largest single source of state and local revenue - are showing dramatic erosion and retail sales are expected to remain sluggish as we enter an economic downturn that the Economist magazine projects will be long and severe.

This show will explore how a cohesive, intergovernmental response can be developed for dealing with the current economic downturn and other intergovernmental challenges.

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