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Thursday, January 08, 2009

DHS 2008 PAR Released

DHS Fiscal Year 2008 Releases

Budget, Performance, and Financial Snapshot for Fiscal Year 2008 (PDF, 2 pages, 234 KB)

Citizens Report for Fiscal Year 2008 (PDF, 30 pages - 4.9 MB) offers a high-level summary of performance results and financial information. The report presents the Department's performance relative to our mission and stewardship of resources entrusted to us. It also provides readers with a sense of the Department's priorities, and our strengths and challenges in implementing programs that enhance the safety of our nation.

Annual Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2008 (PDF, 326 pages – 31.8 MB) is also available by section:

Table of Contents, Message from the Secretary, Management's Discussion and Analysis (PDF, 35 pages – 7.0 MB)

Financial Information (PDF, 163 pages – 22.8 MB) includes the Message from the Chief Financial Officer, the Independent Auditor’s Report, Financial Statements, Notes and Supplementary Information

Other Accompanying Information (PDF, 128 pages – 3.7 MB), includes Improper Payments Information, Major Management Challenges and Management Response, along with the Appendix list of Acronyms

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