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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Council for Excellence in Government Updates

The mission of the Council has remained constant throughout our 25 years of service and has made great strides in helping to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government. Its goal is to be a comprehensive resource for the transition leaders and the new appointees in the next administration:

The Council recently launched its new website.

The Council has taken our “Prune Book” online for the first time. Prunes Online is a web-based resource providing the Prune job profiles for top appointed management posts, such as the FEMA Director, IRS Commissioner, and Social Security Commissioner. The comprehensive transition website offers a variety of resources for transition leaders, prospective nominees, the White House and Senate as well as the media and public, including:
  • A Survivors Guide for Presidential Nominees. Updated daily with current information and tips to navigate the appointments process.
  • Online communities of interest to share insights and information about how to succeed, best practices and lessons learned.

The Council is also taking its Communities of Practice to the next level. Through strategic events and the new transition website, these Communities of Practice offer a variety of resources including best practices and links for current and acting CIOs, CFOs, CAOs, and other CXO-level individuals.

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