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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CGFM CPE Requirements Updated

December 2008 - the CGFM Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Requirements have been updated. While there have not been any major changes to the CPE policies, a number of provisions were clarified, modified or updated. Here is the summary of main updates (with references to the specific sections of the CPE Requirements document):
  • Section 2-clarified the applicability of CPE requirements to all active CGFMs and the fact that there is no minimum number of hours required each year.
  • Section 3-updated the section on retired status to reflect the recent changes to the retired status definition.
  • Section 4-clarified circumstances warranting an exception.
  • Sections 7 and 12-addressed the topic of taxation.
  • Section 9-added clarification on criteria used to determine if programs qualify for CPE hours.
  • Section 10-provided additional guidance on internal training programs; added additional examples of applicable activities such as web-based programs and audio conferences.
  • Section 11-included specific questions to ask when making the determination of applicability of the hours.
  • Section 12-updated the examples of topics and subjects list.
  • Section 13-clarified applicability of basic or elementary courses and repeated courses or presentations.
  • Section 14-explained the calculation of partial hours and updated the calculation of hours for self-study programs.
  • Section 15-specified how CPE hours are awarded for course development.
  • Section 16-updated the acceptable CPE documentation guidelines.

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