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Friday, November 14, 2008


Washington, DC— Thanks to a new Roadmap available at www.excelgov.org, current and incoming Federal Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) now have an innovative resource to look to for a detailed explanation of required duties, and an outline of evolving roles and responsibilities based on emerging trends in the industry.

With this new federal CFO Roadmap, all current and future public sector CFOs will have a common starting point. It includes a listing of the required duties per the CFO Act of 1990, as well as an outline of key budget and performance milestones and activities. The document also provides public sector CFOs with an overview the federal financial management industry and the future role of the CFO.

The Council for Excellence in Government developed the federal CFO Roadmap in partnership with the management and technology consulting firm BearingPoint, and under the direction and expertise of the Council’s CFO SAGE (Strategic Advisors to Government Executives) community. The CFO SAGE program brings together former and current federal CFO "all stars" and other senior financial management leaders into a live and interactive community designed to provide thought leadership and strategic advice, counsel and mentoring opportunities to government agency CFOs and other government financial executives.


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