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Thursday, January 10, 2008

White House unveils 'e-budget' initiative

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The conventional wisdom around Washington is that President Bush's budget will arrive on Capitol Hill dead on arrival.

But at least it won't be made from a dead tree.

The White House announced Wednesday that it's going paperless when it submits the fiscal 2009 budget Feb. 4. It's a move aimed at saving a few bucks for taxpayers - and the lives of a few trees.

Instead of printing 3,000 copies of the budget to give out free to the media, lawmakers, the White House and Cabinet, the White House will put the 2,200-page tome online at www.budget.gov.

Jim Nussle, the White House budget director announced the move - appropriately enough - in a statement sent by e-mail to reporters.

"This step will save nearly 20 tons of paper, or roughly 480 trees," Nussle said. "In terms of fiscal savings, we estimate the E-Budget will save nearly a million dollars over the next five years."

-Andrew Taylor, Associated Press (GovExec.com)

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