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Thursday, December 06, 2007

FederalNewsRadio - Ask the CFO - Lyons Gray (EPA)

Environmental Protection Agency

Lyons Gray - Chief Financial Officer

There is green, as in money, and there is green, as in environmentally friendly. At the EPA the two are no longer that different. Gray says it starts with powering up and that all the energy that is required to run the department comes from green sources. He says this type of green thinking also factors into the business decisions at EPA, whether it is consolidation or its one-stop shop for relocating employees, called eRelocate. Gray says this lead-by-example approach is serious from top to bottom, whether it means making sure that the office of the chief financial office and the department's IT staff are joined at the hip or being better about turning off lights that are not being used. Finally, Gray talks about making his office more of a resource by making sure that the financial metrics are communicated in English.

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