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Friday, August 31, 2007

FederalNewsRadio - Ask the CFO - Sheila Conley (HHS)

Sheila Conley - Deputy Assistant Secretary for Finance and Deputy Chief Financial Officer

In the case of HHS, big might be an understatement. Conley says the department trails only the Department of Defense when it comes to net costs in government. And if you're looking for a fair comparison in the private sector, good luck. Conley says even the biggest of the Fortune 500 pale in comparison. Only, thanks to A-123, she says the department has changed the way everyone stays in touch, going from quarterly meetings to monthly meetings with a Risk Management and Financial Oversight Board, which includes members of the department's most senior leadership. She says, as a result, it has been easier to identify best practices within the various agencies and apply them department-wide. Conley also talks about improvements in the oversight of Medicare and Medicade, and about going from red to yellow on improper payments on the PMA scorecard.

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