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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

OMB nominee’s priority: Rebuild the work force

Former Rep. Jim Nussle this week said he anticipates three challenges if confirmed as Office of Management and Budget chief: maintaining the federal work force, financial management and technology.

Nussle, a former House Budget Committee chairman from Iowa slated to replace outgoing OMB chief Rob Portman, said the next budget director must do a better job tackling the “M” in “OMB” by working with Congress on those three issues.

Nussle said he would first focus on replacing more than 50 percent of the federal work force eligible for retirement in the next 10 years. Second, he said he would work to put better controls on financial management to ensure that wasteful spending is kept to a minimum. Third, he will work to keep up with technology advances and how they relate to government.

-Amy Doolittle, FederalTimes.com


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