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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Defense Logistics Agency Launches Financial Document Workflow Electronic Document Management Service

MECHANICSBURG, Pa., March 19 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --
A new direction for financial document creation in the Defense Logistics Agency has been launched.

Sarah Myers, a financial analyst at the headquarters of the Document Automation & Production Service, submitted the first production Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request into the new Financial Document Workflow electronic document management service. Myers sent the MIPR for review and approval by Greg Shank, director, DAPS Financial Operations Division.

DAPS is the developer and first user of the service. The Defense Distribution Center will be the next. Both are DLA field activities with worldwide facilities.

DAPS is the document solutions provider for the Department of Defense and serves as a catalyst to move the DOD toward the use of online documents such as with the Financial Document Workflow service.

DAPS developed the Financial Document Workflow service in response to the DLA Financial Operations directorate's request for a system capable of creating, routing through workflow, approving, storing, and managing financial documents. As it rolls out across the DLA enterprise, it will allow users to process MIPRs, service orders, and other financial documents in a uniform, auditable manner, in some cases without requiring any external handling.

Productivity, consistency and "audit-ability" are the keywords being associated with FDW. Default values based upon the user and his or her activity, tailored dropdowns allowing data to be selected rather than coded, and workflow where each step in the approval process is recorded ensure the creation and processing of a document in minimal time. MIPR creation time is less than five minutes, while capabilities to generate amendments and create documents similar to prior ones enable even faster turnaround. Multiple users can view the same documents simultaneously. The ability to upload related documents into the repository also facilitates productivity.

In its initial implementation, a financial feeder interface with the Defense Business Management System means that workflow for DLA's field activities can include automated transaction submission. DAPS conceived FDW with DLA's Business Systems Modernization in mind. The FDW statement of work includes an interface with BSM in its current phase. To that end, FDW is participating in the Enterprise Operational Accounting System gap analysis currently underway. FDW has also been certified by the DOD Financial Management Investment Review Board within the Business Management Modernization Program.

In its rollout this calendar year FDW is planned for use across all DLA financial operations activities. It is also currently capable of including users across the DOD and may be opened for use by selected commercial customers in a future phase.

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