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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


From the FMLOB Quarterly Newsletter:

The FMLoB has proposed to create an SSP Forum for both Federal and commercial SSPs to promote information sharing, improve communication, and encourage collaboration between the key FMLoB stakeholders and designated SSPs in order to foster improvements in Federal financial management. The SSP Forum will enable the following:
  • Provide support to agencies migrating to an SSP;
  • Provide sound advice and recommendations to the Executive Steering Committee, the Financial Systems Integration Office (FSIO), and FMLoB Program Management Office (PMO);
  • Provide an opportunity for SSPs to market their services;
  • Provide a forum for sharing government-wide requirements with SSPs; and
  • Discuss issues that might otherwise impede the adoption of shared services.

The FMLoB conducted the initial SSP Forum with the Federal SSPs in November 2006.

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