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Tuesday, February 13, 2007


From the FMLOB Quarterly Newsletter:

The Performance Measures team released the Financial Services Assessment Guide (SAG) Phase I Exposure Draft on January 3, 2007. This document helps identify a series of
metrics which stakeholders can use to measure the performance of financial services and then can be used for making any number of decisions, including how to improve. The Phase I measures focus on the two mandatory service categories that all SSPs must offer: 1) IT Infrastructure Hosting and Administration and 2) Application Management. Phase I will be critical to building a baseline of performance and learning lessons for subsequent phases.

The SAG includes an initial set of ten metrics that were developed based on SSP and Agency responses to the Value and Burden Survey (VBS) conducted by the FMLoB during November and December 2006. Specific attention was given to ensure the metrics selected offered both a high value for potential users and a low burden of collection. The survey results indicated that the collection of cost measures would pose a significant burden, and therefore no cost metrics were selected for Phase I. Both the SAG Exposure Drafts and analysis of the Value and Burden Survey can be found at the FSIO web site.

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