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Thursday, October 19, 2006

FederalNewsRadio - Ask the CIO - Patrick Pizzella (DOL)

Patrick Pizzella was nominated for Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management at the Department of Labor by President Bush on April 25, 2001 and confirmed by the U. S. Senate on May 9, 2001. As Assistant Secretary of Labor, Mr. Pizzella serves as the principal advisor to the Secretary of Labor in the administration and management programs of the Department and as the Department's Chief Information Officer and Chief Human Capital Officer. Mr. Pizzella provides leadership and policy guidance to the Secretary of Labor in the areas of budget, human resources, information technology, procurement, facilities management, administration, and the Department's overall civil rights program. The Department of Labor administers a multitude of federal programs and has a budget of $56 billion and 17,000 employees nationwide.
  • Keeping everything (even laptops) secure at the Department of Labor
  • HSPD 12: a deadline approaches -- but the Department of Labor is ready
  • Looking ahead when it comes to IT security

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