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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Microsoft flexes ERP muscles

"Increasing numbers of companies are teaming with Microsoft to sell its CRM and ERP products to the government, albeit after some customization.

In the five years since Microsoft first introduced its CRM and ERP solutions and set its sights on the public sector, it has gained traction in finding partners to sell these enterprise management products to contractors, who sell them as part of their IT work for government agencies.

The strategy is part of the company's campaign to expand its sales channel and create an image as an enterprise software company rather than solely a desktop software developer. It also helps the company push deeper into public sector markets.

'Our business applications for Dynamics fit seamlessly into the platform products that our customers are using today, so they're easy to manage, easy to administer, have a very low cost of ownership and are less complex,' said Jack Hersey, managing director for worldwide public sector, Microsoft's business division. "

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