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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

E-gov scores improve slightly on latest management score card

"Three agencies earned improved ratings for electronic government in the administration's third quarter management score card, released Tuesday. But red and yellow marks continue to dominate that portion of the traffic-light-style assessment.

E-government scores have fluctuated widely this year. Eight agencies received improved grades on the score card for the first quarter of fiscal 2006, but nine agencies slipped in the second quarter assessment. Much of the variability can be traced to funding difficulties, as Congress has resisted the Office of Management and Budget's efforts to direct agency spending toward the governmentwide projects.

The Commerce, Education, and Housing and Urban Development departments produced rising e-government scores in the third quarter of fiscal 2006, while the Small Business Administration's score fell to red, for "unsatisfactory."

The Bush administration's quarterly score card addresses the five major areas of the President's Management Agenda, as well as several smaller program initiatives. In the area of human capital management, scores for the Agriculture and the Veterans Affairs departments rose to green, for "success." In competitive sourcing, the Environmental Protection Agency moved up to green and the Homeland Security Department fell to yellow, or "mixed results."

No agencies changed status in the financial management or budget-performance integration categories; 16 agencies currently have red ratings for financial performance, while the majority are yellow or green on integration.

In a statement accompanying the latest score card, OMB Deputy Director for Management Clay Johnson said, "We are progressively improving our ability to improve program and agency performance."

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