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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Defense IG to release reports on interagency contracting problems

"Faulty contracting practices and violations of a law on federal spending will be the subject of five reports to be released in August by the Defense Department inspector general's office, a Defense official told an acquisition advisory group Thursday.
Terry McKinney, program director for the contract management directorate at the Defense Department's IG office, said the office is completing work on four separate reports on Defense contracts placed through the General Services Administration, procurement centers at the Interior and Treasury departments, and NASA.

A fifth report will focus on about 70 violations of the Anti-Deficiency Act uncovered in fiscal 2005 and also will address about 38 violations from fiscal 2004 that were previously disclosed, he said. The Anti-Deficiency Act prevents agencies from spending funds in excess of a given appropriation. "

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