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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Industry Can Help Leapfrog The DoD to Standard Business Operations

"The U.S. Department of Defense has two primary mission objectives: to defend the United States and its people; and to accelerate a bold transformation of the U. S. Military to counter 21st century threats. The DoD's transformation is intended to be high-impact and far-reaching into every facet of doctrine, mission and support capability. Toward these objectives, the transformation also extends across all current business operations within and beyond the department to deal with all processes and business functions throughout the military departments and defense agencies from the lowest organizational level through the highest.

The new DoD Business Transformation Agency (BTA) is responsible for enterprise-wide transformation of business operations into a more streamlined, integrated business environment that is information-driven, standards-based, interoperable, cost-effective, and concurrently responsive to war fighter needs and management decision making. This highly efficient 'to-be' environment will be driven by standard information and business rules, enabled through commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and best practices. Utilizing a comprehensive business enterprise architecture (BEA) as a road map, hundreds of DoD legacy financial and feeder systems are being replaced with emerging new, modern systems that support commonality, true return on investment for the Department, common data and business processes. Moreover, BTA oversight and governance process will foster commitment, collaboration, equity and leverage of critical resources across the services. This will facilitate true jointness across not only war fighting commands, but also day-to-day business operations. Ultimately, this aggressive and highly complex undertaking will enable better d"

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