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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Grants LOB managers out to prove consortia model works

"While there are no stated goals for agencies to migrate to the three consortia under the Grants Management Line of Business, the agency lead managers for the initiative are strongly optimistic that at least one agency will prove this year that the shared-services provider concept works.

In an effort to ensure success, Charlie Havekost, CIO of the Health and Human Services Department, and Mary Santonastasso, acting division director for National Science Foundation's Division of Grants and Agreement, will meet with agency leaders from the Financial Management LOB project and the Office of Management and Budget next week to figure out how to remove any potential barriers that might stop agencies from using a Grants shared-services provider.

Havekost said he will meet with General Services Administration's Mary Mitchell, the FM LOB agency leader; Stacie Boyd, OMB's portfolio manager; and others to discuss how to make sure data is shared between Grants consortia providers and the Centers of Excellence financial management systems.

“We need standardized touch points so there is feedback into the financial management system,” Havekost said during a lunch in Washington sponsored by the Industry Advisory Council of Fairfax, Va. “We have to collectively solve this issue, and any other one, so it is not a reason for an agency not to go to a consortia.”

OMB named three consortia providers in February when President Bush sent his fiscal 2007 budget request to Congress. "

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