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Thursday, March 23, 2006

FederalNewsRadio - Ask the CFO - Dr. Linda Combs (OMB)

"The Office of Federal Financial Management, led by the OMB Controller, is responsible for the financial management policy of the Federal Government. As Controller, Dr. Combs will lead the Improved Financial Performance Initiative for the President's Management Agenda. The initiative focuses on improving the quality and timeliness of Federal financial information. This year, 18 of 23 Federal agencies received clean audit opinions on their financial statements. Additionally, 22 agencies accelerated the completion of their financial statements, making vital financial information available to agency leaders within 45 days of the close of the fiscal year. In past years, these agencies took as long as five months to complete their financial reports.

Most recently, Dr. Combs served as the Assistant Secretary for Budget and Programs and Chief Financial Officer at the U. S. Department of Transportation (DOT). As Assistant Secretary, Dr. Combs oversaw all budgetary and management functions of the Department, including budget development and budget execution. As Chief Financial Officer, she was responsible for oversight of the Department's $57 billion appropriation, the Government Performance and Results Act, as well as general monitoring of programs. The Department of Transportation was the first Cabinet level Department to achieve four coveted 'green' scores on the President's Management Agenda.

Prior to her appointment at DOT, Dr. Combs served as Chief Financial of the Environmental Protection Agency from 2001-2003. During the previous Reagan and Bush Administrations, Dr. Combs served in various oversight roles and executive level management positions at the Departments of Education, Veterans Affairs, and Treasury. She also worked for more than ten years in the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school system in North Carolina.

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