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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Pentagon's business transformation effort moves forward

"Goals for Business Transformation Agency described in the budget proposal include the development of departmentwide business processes aligned with those in the private sector.

The agency reports to the Defense Business Systems Management Committee and is under the authority of Defense Undersecretary for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Kenneth Krieg, according to the memo and budget documents.

Paul Brinkley, Defense deputy undersecretary for business transformation, and Thomas Modly, Defense deputy undersecretary for financial management, are serving as BTA's co-directors and are handling day-to-day management until a permanent director is found, the memo said.

Modly, speaking at the Association of Government Accountants' National Leadership Conference Friday, said that the agency is making progress at reforming the Defense's business processes and will help achieve a clean financial audit by reducing the amount of time needed to process transactions.

The agency wants to be a 'petri dish' where a 'virus of change' can be grown and talent can be recruited with the goal of sending it out into the department, Modly said. "

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