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Monday, February 06, 2006

For fiscal 2007, Bush seeks $64B for IT

"The Bush administration submitted a fiscal 2007 budget proposal this morning that seeks about $64 billion for information technology in fiscal 2007, a 3 percent increase in overall federal government IT spending.

Furthermore, the administration wants to implement three new lines of business to help control the budget.

The new lines of business are:

IT infrastructure – to refine opportunities for IT infrastructure consolidation and optimization.

Geospacial – to optimize and consolidate federal geospatial-related investments to reduce the cost of government.

Budgeting – to build toward a budget of the future, employing standards and technologies for electronic information exchange to link budget, execution, performance and financial information throughout all phases of the annual budget cycle.

The budgeting line of business will look for common solutions and tools to enhance agency and central budget processes. It will work to standardize information from budget formulation, execution, financial management and performance measurement systems. It also will align programs and their outcomes with budget levels and actual costs to help the government review its budget performance."

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