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Monday, January 30, 2006

Forum: DHS disaster management solutions

"Since the Hurricane Katrina disaster, federal and state and local governments have begun examining what went wrong with the Homeland Security Department response.

Secretary Michael Chertoff told Congress DHS needs to look at a FEMA automated logistics management capability and do what the private sector does 'to make sure we get things to people who need them quick.'

DHS should embrace supply chain management standards and use business process modeling tools and business rules that enable network redirection of assets as conditions change.

The lack of financial systems interfaces also left senior DHS management without up-to-date spending data. This lack of financial control will worsen as reconstruction funds are spent. It is also a contributing factor to DHS late payment problems, which severely impacts small businesses in the disaster area.

An integrated and adequately interfaced logistics system would effectively link acquisition and financial management systems and eliminate this problem. "

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