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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Federal XML group starts strategic markup language

"The CIO Council's XML Community of Practice has started building an extensible markup language-based schema that agencies could use to encode their strategic plans.

The Strategic Markup Language (StratML) pilot is seeking volunteers to help complete the task.

StratML could be used 'to standardize agency strategic plans and IT strategic plans,' said Adam Schwartz, project leader for the XML CoP. Schwartz, a program analyst in the program management office at the Government Printing Office, outlined the pilot at last week's XML CoP meeting.

The group will identify a set of common terms used across all strategic plans, according Schwartz, and will try to build interagency consensus on the precise definitions of terms such as mission, vision, values, goals and stakeholders.

The group plans to talk with the Chief Financial Officers Council to encourage its participation, as many CFOs are in charge of crafting agency strategic documents. The XML CoP’s parent body, the CIO Council’s Architecture and Infrastructure Committee, hasn’t formally endorsed StratML, though pilot organizers will meet with them as well. Eventually, the team may submit the schema to an internal standards body, such as the International Organization for Standardization. "

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